Ceramic Insulators

Technical Ceramics Australia specialise in Ceramic Porcelain Insulators

At TCA, we are capable of producing a wide variety of shapes for ceramic heat sinks and electrical insulators. We will also help to design a solution that suits your needs should the existing insulators aren’t suitable for what you require.

What are Ceramic Insulators?

Ceramic electrical insulators are most often used to provide non-conductive bridges between electronic components, however, they are also installed into control boards and boxes as a heat sink.

Why Ceramic Insulators?

Ceramic Insulators are fast becoming the product of choice over its glass counterparts as they possess a number of advantages such as:

  • Light weight
  • Have higher heat resistance
  • Possess higher thermal shock resistance
  • Can handle higher voltage loads
  • Performs better in wet conditions
  • More resistant to external damage from installation and shipping
  • More resistant to corrosion

What are they made of?

At TCA, our ceramic bodies are comprised of the following:

  • 96% Alumina
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Zircon, Mullite
  • Porcelain
  • Vitreous China
  • Steatite
  • Low Loss Steatite
  • Crushable Steatite
  • Self Glazing Cordierite
  • Dense Cordierite
  • Zircon Cordierite
  • Sillimanite
  • Aluminous and Cordierite Refractories

So if you are looking for ceramic porcelain insulators or ceramic tubes, contact the industry experts at TCA on 02 9106 2132. We have been providing businesses in Australia and abroad with ceramic engineering solutions since 1993 and are confident we can help find a solution that suits your needs!
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At TCA, our customers are at the core of what we do. So why not contact us today to discuss your needs? If we don’t have an existing solution, we can look at creating one especially for you!

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